Just like any other software company, our job here is to write tons of codes and release softwares, which will make your life easier ( which shouldn’t be complicated if you hadn’t decided to use it in first place), but call it insane or motivated to deliver best, we constantly innovate our ways to provide you the best of tech world, and on the same note, we feel joyous to present to you the complete restaurant portal absolutely free of cost, yes you heard it right, we are providing the entire portal absolutely free, no conditions apply, it is yours to use, as long as you like, it is first of its kind and complete with all the features you will find in any other portal, where you will have to pay exhobitant prices, now the question is are we are all saint or fool and what is our motive behind this well like any other business we are into this for profit, and no we will not be earning from the same system which you will use for free, we will be launching other products which will come at a fee, we have created this entire portal just for two reasons,

  1. To learn and understand the cloud technology, and its scalability
  2. To cement our credibility, which will prove our claim of being the market leader in India in developing cloud based applications.

We again promise, our enire portal is free of cost and there are no conditions to use, and rest assured you will get the world class product, we have hugely invested in security, application development, operations and servicing, which you can notice once you start using this application.