Restaurants business has been slowly becoming hi-tech for past few years with the help of new gadgets. Few years back when you would enter in a restaurant, a boy used to come to you to take your order with pencil and paper, but now in some restaurants the boy comes with a device like Tablet in his hand, and with the help of intranet your order is sent directly to kitchen on a main screen. Isn’t it awesome, this is the classic example of effect of technology on food? Initially restaurants used to advertise on television or radio but now using the prolific SEO techniques they can target specific users. Moreover restaurants have their own websites too, from where a person can have plethora of choices be it home delivery or pickup. Today we see a surge in e-commerce platforms where those restaurants who cannot afford to have their own, can register and compete in a community and get niche presence, once such site is YMApps. The industry is grown so much that developers are developing the web applications for to enable mobile phones users to search, browse or order from their favorite restaurants on the go.

We have a big list of restaurants available online. Social media is also playing a big role in the restaurant business. A lot of communities and groups are present on social networking sites like orkut, facebook and twitter. Restaurants have fan pages where users can directly involve in the activities run by restaurant without taking multiple trips and get rewarded with discounts or memorabilia, this trend is growing and almost all major food chains have established their digital identity.


The best thing about this is, that it has made possible to enjoy different delicacies from different places in one go; this comes in handy when you are in gathering and everyone has their own choice. Ordering Food at home used to be a cumbersome process as you would want to eat pizza  and brother would love to relish burger and your parents want Indian food, I am sure everyone can reminisce those votes and veto powers just to decide what to eat. Presently it takes a long time to order food from different restaurant sites in India, but surely, the developers are thinking about the hassle and developing platform to organize the entire food industry under one roof and the process is still in progress, But One thing is sure after the development, you can taste the kabab of a restaurant in Old Delhi and the Pizza from a north Delhi restaurant all at the convenience of your own home, and we are hoping that our tasty food will be with us just a few minutes after the click.