Although the mood of food industry towards technology is fairly conservative even then it is safe to say a technology revolution has taken place in last five years in this industry. What once was percieved as equipment and systems that made economic sense for only large, multi-unit restaurants, are now common even among mid and small size restaurants.

Technology has had and will continue to have a profound impact on the industry. On a practical level, high tech applications have already helped operators improve ordering functions, ticket times, table turns, inventory control, kitchen organization and accuracy, bookkeeping tasks and the capture and the timely reporting of operational information. Just to name a few.

In the not too distant future, it may be possible for even the smallest operators to do their bidding, ordering and product procurement electronically, over the Internet. Once the product is received, checked-in and compared to the order, inventory levels will be adjusted, product prices brought current and up-to-the-minute recipe and ideal food costs available, to operators with no human intervention.

Some independent operators are using technology to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Wireless headsets and table management systems improve table utilization and customer database systems allow some to better identify and take care of their best customers and enable service personnel to become familiar with their guests’ preferences and buying habits on the spot.

The reality is, no matter what your size, these days, it’s extremely difficult to compete, without utilizing technology to some degree.

Although some owners, operators and managers have embraced technology and applied it with zeal, most are too busy or just aren’t inclined to become a part-time tech junkie, and here they cannot be blamed as most of the option which they have aren’t that simple to apply.

Today, either one has to buy that elusive technical support at a hefty price or sit on the side arms and wait for the organization to grow before they can have the leverage to spend big bucks.

Keeping this in mind we have developed this entire portal wherein if you can read and click you can not only create that fancy web-presence but also utilize the functions which otherwise would have cost a moon, keeping everything free and simple is our motto here and we are proud to say we have somewhat achieved that.