Healthy Food

Healthy Food

China is the biggest producer of almost all kinds of food whether its vegetarian or non vegetarian. The food that Chinese eat is also low in fat and hence is good for health. Many spices are produced by China and is also the leader in many food products. They have better equipments of agriculture and others. The climatic conditions of China are almost equivalent to Indian climatic conditions. But India is not far behind in producing food items. India is the second largest producer of food items in the world and is ahead of others even China in many products. More than 60 % population of India lives in villages and is related to the agricultural work. The population of India is around 1.2 billion and this is the main reason that more than 60% of the retail industry is food and food items. India is the world leader in milk yielding. Newer technology is coming everyday for agricultural uses and the production is also increasing.

As we know, Indian economy is mainly based on agriculture and is concentrated to produce newer varieties of food products. Except agriculture, India is the world leader in Information Technology. India produces almost 15% of the total percentage of vegetables produced by world and is just behind from China with little margin. Vegetables in India can be grown in almost every part but mainly in Great Plains. It is true to say that the fertile Land between the two great rivers of India is the most fertile land in the world. These two rivers are the Ganges and Yamuna and this land produces almost every food product which can be grown in the plains. Mainly the vegetables like Potato, tomato and onion can be grown by the Indians. Potato is the agricultural product used in almost every food and is taken by Indians in plenty. Except vegetables, India grows many fruits as well. Indian Apple is one of the best quality apples produced by the world. Oranges, grapes, banana, Guava and a lot of other fruits are produced by Indians. Banana is mainly consumed by Indians. Except vegetables and fruits, India also produces other food products like milk, meat and others.

India is a world leader in milk production. Every Indian likes milk and milk products and hence, the consumption of milk are also high. Many cooperative dairies are working in India and have their plants across the country.  Parag, Mother Dairy, Sudha, Amul, Param and a lot of other brands produce milk and milk products out of which Amul is the biggest brand in India. The milk of Amul is most popular in cities and the company is based in Gujarat. The milk production in India is very high but mainly the sector is unorganized. More than 65% of Indian houses use milk from the unorganized sector. Amul also produces milk products like curd, buttermilk, Ghee and Butter. Amul Butter is considered as finest butter in India with the punch line “Utterly Butterly Delicious”. Indians love fats and is used by Indians in every food. Without butter or ghee, Indian food cannot be prepared. Except milk and milk production, India also produces Meat and poultry products like Egg.

Meat and Poultry production sector is one of the emerging sectors in India. The production of the sector is increasing every year and India is planning to be a world leader in it. India’s place in fish production is 3 among all the countries while India comes at number 5 in terms of egg production. Every year both the sectors are growing with a high rate of 9% per annum and very soon India will capture top position. But the packed meat industry is not popular in India and hence, India’s rank is not high. After the blue revolution in India, fish production increased and India is ahead to capture the top rank. Medicinal plants are also grown in India and India is a world leader in producing such plants. This is also an emerging sector in India

Plantation industry also comes under food industry. India grows more than 9400 medicinal plants as well as spices. Some of these plants are Turmeric plants, Cumin plants, ginger plants and others. India is the largest producer and exporter of spices. More that 70% of the total spices known in the world are produced by Indian from Saffron, the costliest to the Chili, one of the least costly among the spices. India has plans to increase the production and newer discoveries in the plantation are coming day by day. Except plantation Industry, other food products like Cakes, Chocolates, packed water and other food articles are also produced by India.

India produces several drinks like Juice, packed water, liquor and others. Indian Juice Industry is emerging and planning to capture high rank in this sector as well. India is a world leader in many food productions but India’s total share in world food trade is near about 2%. This is because as much India grows is just a bit more than the Indian demand and most sectors are unorganized.

The world is open for Indian food products. What all India need is to convert unorganized sector into organized sector.