"Order Food"


Latest trend in restaurant business is taken away. Take away is the new choice of Indian food lovers. Now they prefer to sit at their favorite place to eat, in place of sitting in a crowded restaurant with lot of noise or disturbance. Now people often order food from restaurants to home and offices.

Restaurant is one of the oldest professions in India, but till 1970, only a few people use to take meals there. Though there were coffee houses made by English where students and old aged people used to sit in the evening for discussions. Telephones were not very common till then.

Until late 1980’s restaurant business ran the traditional way i.e. guests used to come to restaurants and then they used to order for food, wait for the food to come to table and then eat it. Then in the 1990’s telephones starts to be popular and restaurants starts taking order of food over the phone. Then a delivery boy would deliver to the address. Till then, traditional way was more popular. People usually used to go to the restaurant with family to eat while sitting there. Waiter usually used to come twice between their meals to ask for anything more to not disturb them too frequently.

Then India entered in the mobile revolution in the late 90’s and till the mid of the first decade of 21st century, near about every Indian had cell phone. This turns them to order food from anywhere and everywhere. BPO’s and IT industry rose in India and the youth learnt about the culture of the western nations. Ordering food in the office and at home became popular. Till 2005, a lot of youngsters had the knowledge of Internet and they started surfing for information frequently. Many international brands built their hold on restaurant business and more and more food joints opened. Mall culture spread rapidly and food joints were the most common things in that.

As more and more jobs are in computers, they surf the websites of different restaurants for food ordering in place of calling on phone, where busy network is the main problem. But as ordering through websites, they have one major problem, while sitting in a group everybody has his own choice like burger, pizza, Chinese. So they have to visit different websites.

Now there is a solution for this problem and this technology is acting like a revolution in the restaurant business. i.e. web portal.