Amdavadis-tap-click-to-eat-smartThere was a time when ordering food online meant only getting pizza and ice-creams.

Now on-the-go youngsters are taking a step towards a healthy direction. So out of favour at this point are sinfully cheese dripping, calorie-filled pizzas replaced by must-eat healthy options like salads. And all this is possible with only a tap on the smart-phone or a click of the mouse. More and more city youngsters are placing their orders online which has given rise to outlets that operate through phone calls or take online orders.

Food on the go
Checking the menu online and ordering a quick bite is the more trusted option for youngsters today as it saves time and the hassles. Ritam Bhatnagar, producer of Gujarati feature films and the founder of an entertainment company, says, “When I was in Mumbai, I used to order something everyday and got acquainted with the idea of ordering meals online. As a big foodie almost every second day I place an online order. For people like us, who have a busy schedule, it is convenient and saves time. Plus the packaging is so good that I can even carry it outside. The other day I ordered food and carried the parcel to Drive-In to watch a film.”

Light delights
For most people, especially working professionals, online ventures are a big boon as they can order food in their offices without having to compromise on their work. This is how a group of computer engineers came up with the idea of giving the option of healthy food (salads and health drinks), to people who keep busy. Vidhya Rana, a member of an online venture, says, “We are foodies at heart. A year back we all got together, did our research, got good chefs and checked the market. It is a new concept in Ahmedabad but the response has been good. We decided to offer healthy yet tasty options, so that people can also check their calories.”

Sweet cravings
Gujaratis are known for their sweet cravings after every meal, so desserts are always in demand. For those who don’t worry about their calories, there are a number of online patisseries that cater to all kinds of sweet cravings through online and phone orders. Chocolatier Hetal Jani says, “I started my own venture as a hobby, but I got a great response, especially during festivals. I think if you have the right kind of contacts and marketing strategy, businesses like these work. It’s not important to have a physical outlet.”

With online food joints providing a variety of options at your doorsteps, Amdavadis have all the reasons to be happy and indulge.

source: Times of India