2010 was the incredible year for YMApps. What started as a fun experiment has grown into full fledged obsession for few people, it is an incredible feeling to share the same thought with so many people at the same time.

It’s an unparalleled privilege to spend every single day building a product, which we think is going to change the life of so many people. We are constantly surprised by our fellow team member’s creations and projects, their commitment and thoughtfulness. Every person on our team has been moved by this commitment in one way or another.

Nonetheless, all of this new attention has led to some serious growing pains over the last few months.

There is never 100% optimism when we feel like we have let you down. We want you to know that we are still right in the thick of the most comprehensive re-architecting our infrastructure has ever been through, and while you might still hit some bugs or errors this month, our
incredibly capable team is working 24/7 to keep your restaurants fast and stable. We have a solid roadmap to get YMApps well ahead of capacity, and we’re working fast to get there.

Two notable things we’re right in the middle of:
• We’ve dramatically expanded our engineering team, with five brilliant engineers coming on board just this month and more starting shortly. We just moved into a new office to make room for everyone. If scaling one of the fastest growing platforms in the India is up your alley, we would love to talk!

• After the Launch, we’ll be opening our second datacenter to nearly triple capacity and prep for much faster growth next month. Today, we
already light up more than a rack of new servers every week.

If you do hit issues, you can check for status updates on YMApps Forums or our Twitter feed. Please never hesitate to contact support if you see anything acting weird.

Frustratingly, while we pride ourselves on launching new tools and features faster than anyone, we’ve had to slow down our product roadmap over the last few weeks to let our engineers turn their full attention to scaling. The very good news is that our product team hasn’t slowed down a bit, and is prepping some huge developments to show off soon.

One last thing: We strive to keep our company and infrastructure super-efficient, but growing this quickly isn’t particularly cheap. YMApps is largely made possibly today by our extremely supportive investors, Aptegra Solutions Private Limited, who we’re thrilled to have joining us
this month. So please hug these guys if you happen to run into them. 🙂

Thank you for your patience, support, and for inspiring us every single day with your creativity.

Your fans at YMApps