Economy Trends, Food Trends

Economy Trends changing Food Trends

In the early 1980’s, banks starts to provide credit cards in India. It’s a matter of debate that which bank started first. It was the time when actually India started growing after several wars and a long phase of slow development & the economy trend rises to rapid movement in india. Then slowly telephones started to be popular and reach to the common man. But it was mostly in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

As people and the economy were growing, businesses were also growing. India hosts the Asian Games held in Delhi. It was the time tourists started coming to India and small cities started growing. Telephones were getting popular but not much. Government has different economic policies and foreign reserve just started to be built. People start getting jobs in government sector and the difference between rich class and middle class decreases. Food Trends were growing and more people compared to the past decade were started taking meals outside. A new living class starts building.

Economy Trends Change in last decades

In the late 1980’s, Indian economy went down and recession comes to India. But mostly jobs were in Government sector, so there were no Job cuts. Only the value of rupee decreases and India was down under the foreign money. Government comes with completely changed policies and they get the money by exchanging gold. India comes out of the recession and youth population with rich command over English is the new key. During the mid of 90’s, BPO industry started to operate business from India. Till then, India became the IT Giant. Youth started earning handsome money and this was the revolution in the Food Industry.

During the 90’s, private banks entered in India and starts providing credit cards to the youth. Youth with good job and without tension of money, entered in restaurants and pay heavy bills. They have money in form of credit cards. Youth entered in lavishing life and middle class divided in two parts, upper middle class and lower middle class. Foreign food giants like Domino’s, MC Donald’s entered in Indian market and fast food became the most popular type among youth. They prefer to sit in these restaurants as compared with the traditional restaurants. & the Food Tends starts grooming

Telephones were popular and mostly houses in cities have telephones. Restaurants started taking orders through phones and delivery to home culture were in full flow.  Slowly the number of foreign food joints and traditional restaurants starts increasing. India entered in 21st century and so the restaurants. New techniques, new ideas came to restaurants.