All About Conference App

App provides the information at the hands of the delegates, speakers, visitors etc with single sync function. This gives the facility to keep up with the latest happenings of the conference, seminar or event

App has the collaborative features like polls, which, the organizers can use to gather on hand feedback on the keynotes, sessions or panel discussions among other things

Organizers can upload the latest documents pertaining to the conference, before, during or after the conference. Which eliminates the need to separately send those documents to attendees later.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


Post the entire agenda, whether it spans multi days or multi streams in a single day, or any combination of them

Multi Day - Multi Stream

Latest Agenda is something any conference delegates wishes to have on their hands


Run polls before, during or after the conference. Get instant results on the device itself.

Delegate Polling

Run polls to know about your conference, venue and many such areas

Share Documents

You can upload conference related PPTs, DOCs etc before or after the conference is over, so that delegates can download them on their device

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These documents can be shared with general public at large or the registered attendees only

Summary and Feedback

You may summarize the sessions once they are completed and Delegates can provide the feedback on the session including a star rating


Summary and feedbacks gives you insight into the conference and delegates and data to improve conference management later

Send Notifications

You may send notifications to the delegates who have downloaded the app, these notifications keeps delegates upto date of the latest happenings of the conference

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Keep in touch with your delegates


All the data and communications of the on servers are secured. hence you need not worry about data going to wrong hands


You and your delegates data is protected by our privacy policy

We Make Your life Easier

Poll and Results

Polls give great insight on the user experience of the conference, seminar and / or event. This gives the opportunity to course correct the problem and improve user experience.

With Instant results, you can project the results in real time while in the middle of the session

Some more features

Some more of the unique conference manager features, that you will surely cherish!!!

  • Sponsor list and details

  • Delegates can ask questions in real time

  • Upload Speaker list and bio

  • Add Venues with location on map

  • Upload logo and other conference related images

  • Upload exhibitor data if you are having parallel exhibition

  • And much much more…

Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.



  • 1 Conference
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Both Android and IOS Apps
  • Unlimited Agenda
  • Only Our App


  • All Standard Features
  • Unlimited Polls
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Separate App in your name

Reseller Standard

  • 5 Conferences
  • All Standard Features
  • Priority Support
  • Phone Support Available
  • Separate App in your name

Reseller Premium

  • 15 Conferences
  • All Premium Features
  • Priority Support
  • Phone Support Available
  • Separate App in your name

Features included in all plans…

  • Unlimited Sync

  • Data resides on secure servers, Communication is also secured with encryption

  • Both Android and IOS Apps

  • Unlimited Speakers and Bios

  • Unlimited Sponsors

  • Unlimited Organizing Committee Members and Bios

  • Multiple Venues

  • Separate screen for Event Manager Company (if not same as organizers)

  • Upload conference Logo and related image

  • Delegates can ask questions in real time which can be answered in real time

  • Unlimited Agenda – Multi Day – Multi Stream per day

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